Wednesday, August 15, 2007

oh dear

goodness, the posting part of this project is much harder than the beading part!

Let's start with a lil pic of something I designed a couple of years ago. This is an amulet purse in mixed bead construction styles. Fun to make and complicated enough to be interesting - I have taught it to a couple of local beaders and they have produced some really nice goddess bags. Its always fun to see what other people do with your design!


Lily said...

Yay goddess bags (the autumn, the autumn...)


Kiwi Ellen said...

What a delightful wee goddess bag, she looks to be hiding a few secrets behind her shiny beads..

Sunni said...

Hi Creed,
Woman I didn't know you where in this. I am so excited to find you here. And to find your blog.
I will add you to my friends list.
And I will be happy to come help you get the hang of that camera thing if you still need help with it.
I miss having lunch with you.